Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Wasting time (six reasons why you should)

It’s hard to waste time these days.

I’m not talking “being busy doing work that’s actually, when you think about it, a waste of time” … that’s WAY too easy (and part of what you have to say ‘No’ to so you can say ‘Yes’ to Great Work).

I’m talking about doing things for the joy of it, just because it’s fun and creative and playful. Or just because you want to.

Why bother?

1. It’s indulgent, a small luxury

2. It increases your capacity to problem-solve and be creative

3. It’s not a should/must/have to

4. It makes you smile, makes you happy.

5. It’s practice saying Yes to something for you

6. It helps you suspend the “Is this good? Does this suck?” double-punch question that we beat ourselves up with. (Lynda Barry’s latest book What It Is explores this brilliantly).

Courtesy of Box Of Crayons

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